Election Law

Speed is a critical factor in the fast-moving world of elections. Getting on the ballot means meeting statutory deadlines. Recounts happen as soon as election results are finalized. Election Day itself can be filled with emergency hearings in the trial court and court of appeals.

The ABG election law practice has extensive experience with political campaigns. Angela Gabel has worked on campaigns, consulted on campaigns, litigated for campaigns and won for campaigns.  ABG Law understands the challenges and struggles facing campaigns and will litigate to win for them.

Let ABG Law represent your campaign in:

  • Recounts
  • Jurisdictional Boundary Challenges
  • Polling Place Failures
  • Candidate Qualifications
  • Ballot Initiatives and Petitions
  • Redistricting Challenges
  • Polling Location Challenges and Enforcement
  • Voter Eligibility

As an attorney, Ms. Gabel has used her political expertise as a foundation for building her election-law practice. While campaigns need a litigator ready to run to court at any moment, they may also need a legal counselor that can answer questions regarding campaign finance, advertising and disclaimers.  

ABG Law can provide your campaign with the answers they need and the legal strategy that wins.

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